MUSIC SHARE for English Speakers

Hi, there.

We finally decided to put English Page in MS's HP!

This is a page for those of you who are anticipating MUSIC SHARE (Thank You!!) and not understanding Japanese.

So we will try to upload essential info in here so that you won't have some serious questions.

Question like "Who the hell is that guest?!" or something like that.

There are numbers of things we want to do for non-Japanese speakers. We want to make HP in several languages. We want to put English Subtitles for interview, etc. But this is the best we can do at this moment.

So here is what's going on.

MUSIC SHARE goes to Ogasawara Islands!!

MUSIC SHARE for English Speakers

Hi, there.


Enjoyed our last  streaming with La señas on 5/22?


We did. A great deal, to be honest. Hope we passed that thrill and excitement and stuff like that to you. Man, it was fun!


Archives are up.


Facebook Live






Our purpose is to share good music with music loving people. So watch them and if like them, please tell your friends there are still many cool stuff waiting to be heard!


OK. Let’s talk abou Ogasawara islands.


Ogasawara islands are probably the most remote region of Japan. They are located about 1000km south of Tokyo. It takes 25 hours by ferry and there is no planes going there. 25 hours, can you believe it?!


But they are known to be a really beautiful Subtropical islands, Galapagos of Asia. And that’s where we are going in June.


Those islands had been under American occupation from 1945 to 1968, and this year is the 50th anniversary of their reversion to Japan. And on October, they are going to do big Festival and so to advertise that, they are doing pre-festival event and That’s where we come in.


Some of you might remember that Island Jazz band, Speak No Evil has appeared in MUSIC SHARE while ago. They are playing in that pre-fes. event and we have all that honor of taking 25-hour trip down to south and do the live streaming from that beautiful islands!


Yes! That’s what I call LIFE lol.


Anyway, our host Michiyo Honda and I are going. It’s going to be our very first streaming using mobile hotspot, not with good old lan cable so I am a bit nervy. But it’s going to be the most beautiful streaming so please look forward to that!




Here is Speak no Evil’s footage recorded 2017/01/24 at RED BULL MUSIC STUDIOS TOKYO.


Imagine this music played in a tropical island. Just can’t wait to be there!




That’s it for now, man.


See you soon!

How to watch MUSIC SHARE


MUSIC SHARE does live-streaming on every 4th Tuesday of the month. 

The streaming platform is FRESH! by Cyber Agent’.  If you enter the page of our channel and follow us, you can receive notification of the show.

Or you can follow our Facebook Page and watch it in Facebook Live.



MS#71 2018/05/22

 Guest : La señas and many many more!

@Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo 

 Troop of Percussionists, "La señas" merged in to Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo with supporting guests, Issei Yoshiba,  Tokyo Shiokouji and La señas-Colectivo. It is one of most exciting MUSIC SHARE ever,  as well as the most over-populated  one as well. 

Watch it.

You are gonna love this.


MS#70  2018/04/24

 Guest : Moment Joon

@Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo 


Born in Korea, spent sometimes in LA, enrolled in university in Osaka, Japan, didn't fit in Korean Military Service, now he raps in Japanese, stirring up the Japanese Hip Hop scene.

Check out what he's got to say!


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We have been running MUSIC SHARE for five years just to introduce good music and to support musicians.
Still, we need to pay taxes, pay for expenses to put up the shows, renew equipments, etc.etc.....
And all that money comes straight out of our pocket.
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Archives ☟☟☟☟☟


MUSIC SHARE is a music program on internet and the shows has been streamed monthly since 2012.

The founder of MUSIC SHARE is the MC lady with grasses and microphone, MICHIYO HONDA.

MS's members are from many range of social background.

We get professional camera men, actor, PA, writer, designer, office workers and so on.

We all have love for music.


And believe MUSIC SHARE's idea.


TV and Radio used to function as a guide to new music. Musicians were picked up, their music were played and they got publicity.  So we had a lot of musicians making many different types of music making a living.

But they seems to have stopped doing that and became an advertisement.

We used to hear a lot of Rock, Hip-hop, reggae, techno and many more. A few decades ago, there was diversity.

Now, all we hear on Radio and TV are idles and crappy J-POP and Nothing Else.

Top charts are filled with that sort of industrial music. The songs that designed to sell and make profit.

Unless you are into that kind of music, there is no music show you can bear to watch. None.

If those music are a few among many, that is fine.

But if they are pretty much "it", then we get a problem.

That is why MUSIC SHARE was started.

To introduce talented Japanese musicians to the world, to help music lovers to find the good tunes, help musicians to make a living so that they can keep on making music, bring back diversity that is lost, and make people's life a little better and little more fun.

That is what MUSIC SHARE wants to do.


So we live stream our shows. Sometimes go out to shoot the live performances.

Also, we are trying to make MUSIC SHARE branches across the nation. 

Currently, we have Kyoto running a show every 3re Tuesdays. Shimonoseki is about raunch their first show, Niigata is planning to do their 2nd. we want to re-open Sendai. We have pans for Atami,Chiba, Fukuoka and Fukushima. 

It will be nice to be able to listen to music that only exist in certain region.

Or what if you don't have to live in Tokyo to be a musician? 

That is what we want to do with MUSIC SHARE Network.

And currently, we are doing this unpaid.

All the members share what MUSIC SHARE believes.

We do this for love. Not for money.

But, that doesn't mean we don't want it.

We need money to keep MUSIC SHARE going as well as keep ourselves going.

So meanwhile, please tell your friends about us. 

And in a near future, if we start selling T-shirts and stuff, please buy them if you want us to continue MUSIC SHARE as it is.


Once Dr Motte joined MUSIC SHARE.

He is a founder of Love Parade. That is a legendary rave that gathered 1.5 million people at its peak. It's a monstrous party. It was a bloody gigantic movement.

And we, MUSIC SHARE also want to make a movement.

So we asked Dr. Motte.

"How do you manage to make that huge event? What was the key to success? How could we ever do it?"

He said at once.

"Oh that's simple"

And smiled faintly and opened his mouth.

"Do what you love. Love what you do."

Michiyo Honda and I really love these words.

We might not gather 1.5 million people nor have an opportunity to surprise ourselves with piles of money but I guess that's how MUSIC SHARE is run.