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MUSIC SHARE #083  23/07/2019 20:00~21:00 (JST)


@Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo 

 ATOM ON SPHERE have been turning heads since their start in 2011. Formed by KEN LLOYD (OBLIVION DUST / FAKE?), Shigeo (The SAMOS / ex.SBK), Keitaimo (WUJABINBIN / ikanimo / ex.BEAT CRUSADERS) and Makoto Sakurai (Dragon Ash), all four members have been key players in the Japanese music scene since the mid 90’s with their respective bands and projects.

Watch it.

You are gonna love this.


MUSIC SHARE #084  27/08/2019 20:00~21:00 (JST)


@Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo 

Tokyo-based producer Sakura Tsuruta guides you through her sonic world with a blend of dark yet ethereal sounds, constantly crystallizing emotions. Embark on a sonic adventure with Sakura at your own peril.






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An angler.

His music represents full of retrospective nostalgia among non-interventional selfishness in some part. 

As putting a back-lashed fishing reel into translucent trash bag….

His music is said "to be wished to listen again at nice summer" and like "an adolescent water balloon is thrown".

By his nostalgic and wierd sounds, SI BEGG, one of the reading artist in UK's music scene who is a wierd techno dubstep musician, is remixed Primula's music. He unashamedly revealed his heart beating funkness through "Jetlag And Tinnitus Reworks 5".

Ayu Okakita moved to the U.K. in 2004 because she was into British music. Gigs with an acoustic guitar in various places was the center of her life in London.

Ayu joined an electronic band “Nedry”

Two albums were released by Monotreme Records. 

A subtle mix of acoustic and electronic music influenced by electronica/trip-hop/industrial/ alternative

In 2019, she released her new album''sayonsara dance'' 

MINGUSS the band led by Mami Konishi, influenced by the minimalistic music of Manuel Göttsching, creates incredible soundscapes, which will bring the listeners into new hypnotic dimensions. Pulsing beats, wonderful lyrics and the incredible voice of Mami Konishi will be the key features for a unique sound experience.

Julia Shortreed

Singer song / Writer, Canadian born father and Japanese mother. At 16,afterlistening to ‘Stand by Me’ by Ben E King, started singing and composing original songs. Original compositions reflect a unique view of the world with both a nostalgic melody and a sort floating voice. Sang on the soundtrack for the Japanese movie, ‘Umimachi Diary’ released in June,2015. Sang background vocal in ‘Soft in One’ for Rohto Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. and ‘Odakyu Electric Railway’ commercial now running on Japanese TV. Will expand her professional carrier by working both domestically and overseas.

She is currently,singing and clubbing live in Tokyo.

machìna is a Korean artist working and operating out of Tokyo.

Her musical development has led her to explore the realms of sound and texture with an

eclectic collection of gear. Her recent work is all about the fusion of abstract sounds with

deeply engaging lyrical content.

Personally she is motivated by the pursuit of a harmony between layers of technology,

time and emotion. Her live set up is based around a modular system with live voice oscillator

and analogue synthesizer. She improvises with live sampling and vocals to create an

encompassing sound experience.

In 2006, The SAMOS jumped into the music industry to stir-up the scene. Although 100% "Made in Tokyo," the high quality of their sound that equally rival with the rest of the world caused them to gain attention since their debut.The Samos' realistic sound is backed with the long history of each band members' experience and activity in the music industry. Starting with electronic as their foundation, they successfully fuse rock and dance music to create a sound that is rarely found in Japan. From Tokyo to the world, The SAMOS is a three piece electronic dance band that transmits their sensational music to the universe.

Speak No Evil

Consisting of Akira Tatsumi (sax player/former member of disbanded ska band DETERMINATIONS), TANCO (leader/bassist of HOME GROWN, the reggae band), Motoharu (saxman of SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS, the explosive jazz band) and 3 others, the band of highly regarded 6 artists hereby drops its 1st album. Incorporating ska and reggae-based renditions with distinguished jazz flavor, the rich and lavishly enhanced band-feel is clearly prominent in the cover tunes, such as “Speak No Evil” (the famous number by Wayne Shorter which they named themselves after,) or “I Shot The Sherriff”. Including the very successful original track “Lucky Dragon 5”, each member’s abundant experience distinctly portrays their brilliantly varied performance here.

Launched in 2016, Kodäma is led by singer Kiala Ogawa (daughter of former Fela Kuti’s guitarist Kiala Nzatovunga), bass player Thomas Hugenel, and a drummer. This group is revealing an electro-soul and jazztronica groove permeated by Japanese and West-African influences.


Borders mean nothing to Say Yes Dog. With two members from Germany and one from Luxembourg, it was only natural for this three-piece to form their band in the Dutch city of The Hague. There they're known as the worst best kept secret in years; with just one released EP, the band was invited by Junip to support them on a European tour through seven countries. They also played shows in London, Berlin and at the Reeperbahn Festival. With their wobbly basslines, dry synths and remarkable vocals they're in the same league as The Whitest Boy Alive.

Hikaru Iwakawa Torio

Hikaru Iwakawa : quenas, sikus, ocarina 

Yoshiaki Sato : accordion 

Masaki Hayashi : piano

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